Guild: Quality Not Quantity

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderMeyer Lansky43343Undead Mage Offline
a Vice-LeaderBumblebee33027Undead Mage Offline
Donovan (The beast)39982Unholy Priest Offline
Tanquesito (Tanqueta)39219Death Knight Offline
a MemberAlexwuk28698Undead Mage Offline
Almight34295Death Knight Online
Amnesia23924Unholy Priest Offline
An Karanir Thanagor19142Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Ananda Shake21284Unholy Priest Offline
Aqui Ta12087Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Azxye18951Unholy Priest Offline
Batman30453Undead Mage Offline
Beliko24347Undead Mage Offline
Blak Adam Will14126Unholy Priest Offline
Cbum17119Undead Mage Offline
China Antrax23483Undead Mage Offline
Chinito Pakas18384Undead Mage Offline
Chino Antrax (Soy marico)30282Unholy Priest Offline
Corasan31683Unholy Priest Offline
Crisa31137Undead Mage Online
Cuervo25467Undead Mage Offline
Da Weeknd26503Death Knight Offline
Desoxirribonucleico37255Undead Mage Offline
Device Deluxe13209Unholy Priest Offline
Device Zhanlida19075Undead Mage Offline
Dleinad40170Undead Mage Online
Ecko Druid (Tropiculo)18206Unholy Priest Offline
El Grillo19384Unholy Priest Offline
El Pulgas14332Unholy Priest Offline
Eric Cartman23226Unholy Priest Offline
Gabylonia17045Death Knight Offline
Godlike Ozkzz30617Undead Mage Offline
Hefesto Metuit19709Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Hokage19415Unholy Priest Offline
Ichigo25856Unholy Priest Offline
Ilumi Zoldyk45233Undead Mage Offline
Josekiller24901Undead Mage Offline
Kanye West22429Undead Mage Offline
Kendall Kingt2954Death Knight Offline
Kenny39642Unholy Priest Online
Kindred21124Undead Mage Offline
Knight Venom18912Death Knight Offline
Kukulcan (Teton)40829Unholy Priest Offline
Kvaratskhelia21243Death Knight Offline
Lady Kroline29359Unholy Priest Offline
Lich King13861Death Knight Offline
Lion Golden27455Undead Mage Offline
Luis Miguel15504Unholy Priest Offline
Mackenzie33497Undead Mage Offline
Mata Jodidos21417Unholy Priest Offline
Mor Ok Angalor19342Undead Mage Offline
Mor Ok Gorum16319Unholy Priest Offline
Morfeus28Undead Mage Offline
Murphyy21373Unholy Priest Offline
Nie Znam Polskiego24329Unholy Priest Offline
Nowt20007Undead Mage Offline
Para Hacerbanderas18430Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Parker11076Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Pato Donal2573Undead Mage Offline
Pedrynk11953Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Perfect Darking25841Undead Mage Offline
Preserved Valkyria19346Unholy Priest Offline
Rayo Mcqueen21348Death Knight Offline
Ruzker29549Death Knight Offline
Ruzker do Mage23152Undead Mage Offline
Samael11597Undead Mage Offline
Satoru Gojou27715Death Knight Offline
Shaggy22104Undead Mage Offline
Shigetora40155Undead Mage Offline
Shrochar Ozkzz18980Undead Mage Offline
Sifo Dyas20542Death Knight Offline
Strike One30585Blood Elf Paladin Offline
Tempest27476Undead Mage Offline
Tenebris Lux12833Death Knight Offline
Tomoyito29171Unholy Priest Offline
Tropicanas Vip (Mamo pene)33424Death Knight Online
Trysiclo30007Unholy Priest Offline
Twisted Fate13851Unholy Priest Offline
Whitexican30195Undead Mage Offline
Your Papi14913Undead Mage Offline
Zenitsu24065Undead Mage Offline
Zoro33195Death Knight Online

Invited characters

Undead Mage
Memento Mori
Eagle Warrior
Sya Ryuujiro
Iron Man
Carroll Shelby
El Rodrigo
Karen Roxy
Purple Skull
Calamardo Tocaculos
Red Hook
Unur Arret
Condon Sin Usar
Mia Colucci
Darkside Walker
Jhon Marston
Time Forest
Ariana Grande
Bleu Tonik
Vaso De Tequila
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